Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education - People said that if you want to change your life, you must study. It’s 100% true. By studying, especially at the proper school or educational institution, you will get new knowledge and skill. Then, you can apply that in your life, which can change your life into a better one. Then, with technology application, the study process becomes much more effective and brings many good things.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

Along with good things, technology also has some disadvantages when it is applied in education. Here, we are going to see what kind of advantages and disadvantages technology can give to use, when it is used in education.

The Advantages of Technology in Education

1. Effective Learning Method

Technology is a form of knowledge implementation in something with a purpose to provide much easier to do that “something”. In this case, education got many advantages from technology. One of them is it creates a more effective way to learn.

The student has a better platform to study a subject with technology. The technology allows them to use a more interactive platform. This kind of platform can easily show the core of the study and the information that students want to learn. The student also can learn and understand the subject of technology help. In the end, they can learn faster than the past method.

2. Easy and Unlimited Information

Technology connects the student with the hugest source of information, the internet. In the past, without modern technology, you need to spend hours to find the topic you want to learn. Moreover, you spend most of your energy to find that topic, which makes the learning process slower.

With modern technology, especially digital and internet technology, you can find everything that you need in a matter of seconds. Thus, you save more energy and time to do the additional thing, which is finding the topic and information. And, you can focus your time and energy to learn and understand the topic.

Moreover, you also can access many sources easily. We can even say, with technology, you won’t run out of information and resource. The unlimited information now is within your grasp. It helps us to grow and become better faster than before.

3. Comfortable 

In the past, we had to carry many books to school. Our backpack felt like full of rock. Moreover, if we have to make a paper, we have to find more books from the library. That was a good thing because you can train your body and muscle. But, we are talking about learning and train our brain here. So, if we could, we want to remove this physical activity and focus our energy on our brain.

Technology allows us to do that easily. With the digitalization of information and resource, you don’t need to carry many books. A smart device with the size of your bag is enough. You can use it to access the information that you need, without carrying too many books. You also can work and write on that device. It is more comfortable to learn something this way, isn’t it?

Those are the advantages of technology in education. However, as we said before, there are also some disadvantages you can find from this technology implementation. Here some of them.

The Disadvantages of Technology in Education

1. Distraction

When you have access to many resources on the internet to find the information you want to learn, you also get yourself access to other unnecessary sources. Curiosity is human nature. So, it’s not surprising, if you want to know what you can find on those unnecessary sources. The result is you spend more time to find out something that you don’t need, rather than focus on the subject you were planning the learn. This is where a teacher needed. The teacher can guide the student to avoid this activity and focus on their studies.

2. Lazy Mindset

The easiness of access to any kind of information that technology brought to the education system has the risk to create a lazy mindset on the student. An easy example is this. When students need to research a specific topic, they do all the data collecting with technology, in this case, it is the internet. They don’t go out of their class and being occupied with their gadgets. While the real subject of their research lies out there, in the real world.

If a student keeps using this method, they will have the mindset that they don’t need to experience it directly to find what they need. They just need to use the internet to find the information that they need. The truth is experiencing it directly will give you more information than using texts as your resource.

3. Expensive

To create the best tools or devices for education, you will need so many resources, long researches, and productions. And, that cost you a lot. Therefore, if an educational institution wants to keep update its technology system with the latest and better system, the cost they need to spend is very expensive. It can also affect the education fee. You can easily find many schools or colleges charge their students with high tuition fees or additional fees, to give them the latest technology for study.

The cost is getting higher these days because of the fast growth of technology. You can easily find new technology every year and even every month. To keep the technology in education goes along with that rapid growth, more money is needed.


That’s everything that you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education. The advantages bring many good things that can improve the education system. Even though it also has disadvantages, with proper management, this bad effect can be mineralized. It is all depending on the educational institution that uses the technology, as well as a student in that institution. If they can create a good balance between heavy usages of technology with the real-world experience, we believe we won’t have any problem to use it in our study.
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