Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media - When someone asks whether you have a social media account or not, what is the first thing you have in your mind? Mostly, we think that is a stupid question. Of course, in this digital and internet era, everyone has at least one social media account. Some people even see that kind of question as a rhetorical question. That shows how important and inseparable social media from modern people’s life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

With that kind of position, it’s not wrong if we call social media as part of our life. However, just like other things in this world, where always has a good and bad side, social media is no exception. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages we can find on social media. And, here, we try to understand that, so we can use this amazing tool wisely.

The Advantages of Social Media

1. Communication and Connectivity

The first advantage of social media is communication and connectivity. Social media help us to communicate easier with other people. Regardless of the location, we can easily be connected with other people. As we can see, the latest social media has various communication features, such as online chatting features or even a video call feature. You will have a more comfortable and much better way to connect with other people using these features. Moreover, most of the social media is available and can be used for free. This is another benefit that you won’t get from other communication methods or devices.

2. Information Sharing

Social media also allow you to share and get information much easier. Mostly, the post on social media platforms is shorter compared to a website or blog. So, the post has straight-to-the-point content which you can easily understand with just read it once. Moreover, if the media used in social media for sharing information is a video. It will give you more information much easier. You, as a social media user, also can use this advantage to share useful information with other people.

3. Find A Help

Social media that connect many people also can be used to seek for help. Compared to conventional media and even other internet media, social media is proved to be the most effective way to get help. You just need to post the problem you have and ask for help. Other people can easily share that information and there will be many chances that you get help from this simple sharing activity.

4. Learning and Education

Nowadays, many schools and educational institutions provide their services by using social media. You use it to communicate directly with the teacher. And, you can learn and study like what you do in the class. The best of all, you can use this method from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. So, social media also simplify the learning and education method. Moreover, with this simplicity, people or area that doesn’t have access to proper education; now have a chance to get the education that they need. In short, it can change the life of many people.

The Disadvantage of Social Media

The social media advantages bring many positive things for you and your life. However, as we mentioned above, there is also the bad side that social media has.

1. Cyber Crime

Social media's ability to connect more people means that it has a chance to bring the “bad people” around. Therefore, it is not surprising that those people use social media connectivity to do the bad thing that only beneficial for themselves. They can steal your identity, card number and many more easily through social media. There are also many kidnapping cases started from social media relationship.

But, the common crime that can happen in social media is cyber-bullying. This is the easiest bad thing that can happen and affect any social media user. And, the effect is pretty much damaging, especially to the younger generation that uses social media a lot.

2. Hoax

The easy-to-share feature also allows the irresponsible to share wrong information or hoax. Some of them even do that consciously with the purpose to create chaos and even damage others. Worst of all, this kind of information can easily and quickly spread around to many people. Most social media users these days easily believe what they read on their timeline. Without proper comparison, checking and find the truth, they just share any information that looks important. And, many chances, that important-looking information mostly is a hoax that can cause many problems.

3. Addiction 

With so many advantages, ease and comfort in communication, finding information and having fun that social media offered, many people become too much attached to social media. The result is social media addiction. It feels like if you are not online or do not see what happens in social media even for one hour, something is missing in your life. Many people experience this condition. They even admit that they can’t live without social media.

The social media addiction also can affect your health condition. People who uses social media a lot, and even excessively, are prone to many health problems. For example, they have sleep deprivation problems because they use social media every night. The social media addiction affects both mental and physical conditions. If you got this problem, it also affects your daily activity and social life.


The advantage and disadvantages of social media can't be separated. You, who use social media for your work, daily life or other activities, must have an effective way to deal with it. The best way to minimize the social media bad effect is by using it in a proper portion. Balance it with real life. Remember, someone that you love and love you so much is beside you, in the real world. More importantly, create the mindset that social media is only a supporting tool or an additional item. With this, hopefully, you can get the most from its advantage and avoid the effect from its disadvantage.

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